Behind the Palace Screens

JIA Juan Li
26 Oct - 06 Nov 2017
Hong Kong

The new solo exhibition of Jia Juan Li, “Behind the Palace Screens” highlights subjects in “pairs”, such as the court ladies, children and fairies. The symbolic concept of “pairs” in traditional culture conveys the meaning of “luck” and “more to come”; reflecting the endless thoughts of Jia towards the nostalgic memories of her home country, China, as well as her perseverance and aspiration. Jia has developed her own style dreamlike paintings of combining the western oil painting technique with a strong Chinese element. Her paintings are inspired by countless visits to the Forbidden City in Beijing, bedtime stories her mother used to tell her as a child, Chinese classical novels, murals of the Dunhuang caves, and even fairytales by Hans Andersen. By fusing the contemporary with the classic and the real with the imaginary, Jia recreates Chinese history and culture in the most memorable way, and her paintings are beautifully rendered in a mesmerizing and captivating style.