The Inner Light

Dorina MOCAN
10 May - 20 May 2013
Hong Kong

 "The Inner Light" is Swedish artist Dorina Mocan's (b. 1954, Romania) fourth solo exhibition by Connoisseur Art Gallery and her third in Hong Kong. Across these exhibitions, the themes centre on the inner self in each of us; the child that is full of dreams and hopes. Her beautiful paintings carry a dreamlike quality and strong European motifs inspired by both her country of birth and adopted country; celebrate the beauty of childlike innocence and nature through real and imaginary subjects; and combine reality with the mystery and ambiguity found in folktales and myths.

For her new exhibition, which took more than two years of preparation, Dorina Mocan has carried over common elements from her past collections and brought them to another level of artistry. Her new collection offers a mesmerising mix of something familiar yet surprising; childlike yet grown-up. Throughout her creative process, she is reminded of an "inner light" that is directed straight to the viewer, that critics often referred to when describing the experience of viewing her works. It is her desire to include this dimension of light as a carrier of humanity in our evolving world.