Forest Whispers

GE Shu Qing
08 Apr - 18 Apr 2005
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present "Forest Whispers", a solo exhibition of renowned landscape artist, GE Shu Qing.

What is discovered of GE is his passion for serene landscapes in the unspoiled countryside - birch trees, wildlife, off-beaten tracks and mystic rivers. His paintings depict birches blushed with lush jade green and shimmered leaves in anticipation of spring. While others bathed in pink, yellow and gold, capturing the flaming beauty of autumn splendour. GE observes his forest in all seasons. The statuesque trees bend and sway in the soft breezes, the wildlife wandering in their care-free spirit as the river gently flows by, each whispering their silent language. The forest melody is gently orchestrated in his paintings with their lyrical gathering. And the rich, plush landscapes anchor the gallery with a flood of amiable colours.

GE Shu Qing was born in Liaoning in 1959. In 1983, GE attended the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most prestigious fine art academies in China. Especially famous for his paintings of the birch forests, GE's realistic yet poetic landscapes capture the beauty of nature down to its finest details.

One of GE's works, "Late Return", was exhibited in the Selected Art Exhibition of Northeast China, and is now collected by the National Art Museum of China. His other work, "Morning", won the Gold Award in the "5th International Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition" and is now in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

"Forest Whispers" will feature 10 pieces from the latest works by GE. The exhibition will run from April 8 - 18, 2005.