Hutong Memories

ZHANG Guo Ning
01 Oct - 15 Oct 2005
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present "Hutong Memories", the second solo exhibition of celebrated contemporary Chinese artist, ZHANG Guo Ning. Following the huge success of his first solo exhibition, this second exhibition will showcase 25 pieces of ZHANG's finest and latest works. The much anticipated exhibition will present us with reminiscent images of Beijing's endangered hutongs - distinctive and intricate arteries which are fast disappearing in the city today. Growing up in a courtyard home himself, ZHANG bears special feelings to the subject matter and often transfers those feelings into vivid images in his works. ZHANG has been painting hutongs since 1992 and his works reflect the deep emotional attachment that he has for the traditional structures.'The hutongs', ZHANG has once said,'are a cultural treasure on par with the ruins of ancient Greece.' Through ZHANG's works, we can experience the walk down Beijing's intricate maze of hutongs and catch a glimpse of life in Old Beijing. The quiet and pristine images depicted in ZHANG's works give a sense of tranquility which contrasts with the bustling city streets in Beijing nowadays. His mastery in the depiction of textual differences and subtleties of light gives his works a realistic finish. Be it a snow covered old house, or a sun-bathing alley, his images are so realistic that they could easily be mistaken as photographs. Not only are ZHANG's works mastery pieces of artistic creations, they also serve as preservations of Beijing's culture and history for generations to come. Born in 1960 in Beijing, ZHANG Guo Ning is celebrated for his artistic virtuosity in depicting the most unique and traditional characteristics of the city scene in Beijing. His ability to vividly capture the different time through the day in his paintings made him a master of light. He has participated in the China Art Exposition for six consecutive years, and is considered one of the most renowned Beijing artists. His works have been widely exhibited in the National Art Museum, the Cultural Palace, and the American Embassy in Beijing. ZHANG's unparalleled talent has received international acclamation, making his work a favourite among private collectors from all over the world.