China Star

Group Exhibition
28 Nov - 10 Dec 2004
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is honoured to present "China.Star", a solo exhibition of the Hong Kong master artist TSUI Tin Yun.

TSUI continues to display his artistry in the series of delicate and sensual female portraits he created for "China Star". The paintings depict Chinese women in the juxtaposition of traditions and ethnicity with the liberation and embracement of foreign influence. They characterize the few females emerging from the Chinese revolution into the 21st century. Living in community amidst the reality of many women still being treated as inferior objects of manipulation, the women in TSUI's paintings are unafraid to reveal their liberated side and to flaunt their sexuality, in search of the ever changing role that women in China will take on in the midst of globalization. The women are set against faded nostalgic backdrops with a star, animal skull or wings of an angel, implicating a hidden force behind the fade of the paintings. The Chinese star being a constant reminder of one's roots and identity; the animal skull symbolic of death, indicates the artist's way of confronting mortality, implying that change is somewhat inevitable and chooses to embrace it; the wings of angel entailing one? desire to break free from an entangling situation. TSUI continues to engage us to find meaning in his works; he also continues his exploration of the female human form, not so much to idealize it, but to render its diversity. The challenge is to see the nude as one of the representations of contemporary culture in China.

TSUI Tin Yun is undeniably one of the most respected artists in Hong Kong and Asia. Born in 1945, TSUI received solid training in painting and design at art studios in Shanghai. He worked very successfully in the field of illustration and graphic design for a long period of time. In 1986 TSUI settled in Hong Kong, and from then on he focused on painting and artistic creation, experimenting with a wide range of subject matter and media. TSUI's works are widely collected by museums and private collectors around the world. TSUI has also participated in many international art exhibitions and his works can be frequently found in the auctions of Christie's Hong Kong.