Celebration of Colour

01 Apr - 25 Apr 2004
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is honored to present the solo exhibition of Song Yu Min, a Chinese ink-and-colour artist who enjoys tremendous international reputation.

At the age of 64, SONG never ceases to astound us with his seemingly inexhaustible artistic creativity. Forever challenging himself with new compositions and artistic expression, in this coming exhibition SONG presents us a China as a vast fantasy land that invites one to explore. Incredibly vivid colours such as fire red, amber yellow, and lavender are used to depict foliage and indicate a season. Combined with the masterfully depicted details of architecture and human activities, Song creates scenes after scenes of landscape that seems too magical to exist.

Some of the glorious sceneries that SONG presents to us include the water village in Zhouzhuang shown in its full summer glory with lush, emerald foliage. In Yunnan, a pagoda that seems to exist only in fairy tale is set against the fiery red autumn season. In Guilin, the singing fishermen are sailing amidst the turquoise bamboo trees, with the fantastically shaped peaks shrouded in mist in a distance.

Born in Hebei Province in 1940, Song Yu Min is now living in Beijing. From the year of 2001, Song has been invited by leaders of the PRC Government to serve periodically as a resident artist in the Zhongnanhai. SONG is also a "National First Class Artist", the highest and most prestigious honour granted by the PRC Government to a Chinese artist. An internationally renowned artist, Song has been participating in exhibitions in the PRC, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, and USA since 1979, not to mention an impressive record of nearly 20 solos around the world since 1988.